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Author:Backstreet boys
Tab by: Earl John D. Mission

If there is some correction of this song please email me. that is all.
Have fun and i hope that you would like it.


D Bm G A
When we turn out the lights the two of us a-lone together
D Bm G F#m
Something’s just not right but girl you know that I would never

Bm A G A
ever let a-nother one’s touch come between the two of us
Bm G A Asus.
Cause no one else would ever take your place

G A F#m Bm A7
No one else comes close to you no one makes me feel the way you do
G A F#m Bm A7
Your so special girl to me and you’ll always be e-ter-nal-ly
G A F#m Bm A7
Everytime I hold you near you always say the words I love to hear
G A Bm G A
Girl with just a touch you can do so much no one else come close


Verse 2
And when I wake to the touch of your head on my shoulder
Your my dream come true o girl you know I’ll always treasure.

(Pre Chorus)

Repeat Chorus

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